Human Resources

Human Resources and Personnel

Human Resource Specialist Sue

North Star NP can provide sensible, practical solutions to lower your risk and allow you to focus your resources on your all-important mission. Services include:

  • Payroll administration
  • Policy development and implementation based on your situation and culture as well as effective communication through an employee handbook
  • Designing and administering compensation systems including base pay, differential and incentive pay, overtime and benchmarking to relevant data
  • Designing and administering benefits such as paid leave, insurance, retirement and various employee services, as well as various benefits mandated by federal, state and local laws and regulations and the Affordable Care Act
  • Managing workers compensation claims and state unemployment
  • Creating and maintaining a compliant HR record-keeping system
  • Designing and administering an employee performance evaluation system

To recruit and retain the dedicated talent you need to meet your mission, we can also:

  • Write clear and complete job descriptions
  • Provide sourcing, recruiting, hiring and orientation services for a competent, committed and diverse work force, including pre-employment screening and testing

Services can be bundled or provided on a project basis.