North Star NP goes to lunch, fixes a network

North Star NP goes to lunch, fixes a network

Bay Street Grill is known as a friendly neighborhood place with delicious food. North Star NP Owner Mike Schak and Technician Jim Staricha were enjoying lunch on September 25th when the Grill was having trouble with their computers. “It was the second time our point of sale system had gone down in four months,” said Owner Carlos Rohde. “The last time we were down for a week, and doing business on a cash only basis does not work well.”

Mike and Jim offered to help. “I had called a couple of other people and they had no answers, no suggestions,” said Carlos. “Mike and Jim got it fixed later that afternoon.”

“Helping out small businesses with technical problems is our area of expertise,” said Mike. “In the case of Bay Street Grill, we made a diagnosis on the spot, ordered some parts, and installed them in the afternoon.”

Carlos took over Bay Street Grill in May and runs it as a family business. As new owners and long-time residents of Saint Paul, the Rohde family is committed to maintaining the wonderful legacy of the corner bar while adding modern amenities like wi-fi, gaming, and ATM. “You can’t live without it nowadays,” said Carlos.

“I couldn’t find anybody, until North Star NP got it fixed in one day.” Carlos Rohde, Bay Street Grill

All of these were straining an underpowered network. “We were dealing with a building set up for 2000, not 2017,” said Carlos.

“Their wireless router was the point of failure,” said Mike. “We removed it and installed a firewall and two new wireless points. After resetting the point of purchase software, pull tab machines and the cash machine, they were good to go.”

North Star NP is just the right size to help small business and nonprofits with technical issues. Long-term monitoring, implementing a technology plan, or fixing a one-time problem, contact North Star NP for help.

Family owned and operated, Bay Street Grill is located in Saint Paul on the corner of Randolph Avenue and Bay Street, one block west of West 7th Street at 731 Randolph Avenue. Open all day, every day, starting at 8 a.m., breakfast is served all day. Tell them Mike sent you!

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