Your Telephone System: Time to pull the plug?

Your Telephone System: Time to pull the plug?

Would you like to be able to:

  • Transfer incoming calls to cell phones when employees are out of the office?
  • Have voice messages sent automatically to text or email?
  • Create distinctive rings for important clients or co-workers?
  • Make unlimited long-distance calls—even international?
  • Have individual direct dial numbers for your staff– without paying for lots of extra “lines”?
  • Integrate home-based workers into your telephone system?

Telephone options are expanding for small businesses and nonprofits. Many companies promise surprising savings and fantastic features with internet (VoIP) systems. Other companies promote quality and reliability with traditional land lines. Is it time for you to look at your options? How do you do that?

telephone-295075_640When I was in charge of office systems for small non-profits, I’d get sales calls at least monthly.  “I only have so much time to spend on analyzing my telecommunication needs,” I’d tell them with exasperation. Seriously! The time it takes to meet with the sales people, gather the data, compare at least three products, and make a recommendation to management can be daunting.

On the other hand, sometimes the cost savings are so great that it pays to opt out of a contract early. We recommend a review of your phone and data systems if you haven’t looked at them in the past two years. The VoIP opportunities have really expanded.

How do you even know what is out there? How can you “analyze your needs” when you don’t know what is available?  Vendors can be very helpful, but they tend to want to put you into their pigeon holes. In our experience, the ideal solution for a one-person office may be quite different than the solution for a 12-person organization, or a 24 person non-profit.

North Star NP can help. We are NOT a phone system vendor; we DON’T sell systems. We simply have the experience of working with people like you, and benefitted by their experience. We can advise whether to consider a switch, and point you in the right direction. If you want, we can gather proposals and help you choose between them.

In addition, it’s important to know:  The quality of VoIP calls is dependent upon the speed and stability of your internet connection. That’s where North Star NP’s network experience is a great help if you choose that route

Contact North Star NP on our contact page or call Mike Schak at 651-705-5170. We use an interesting—and very inexpensive—web-based system to manage our incoming calls. Check it out!



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